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Greetings my fellows and fans!

What's news am I bringing?

As the time flies, I'm about to consider doing new changes in my entire music career. Maybe you have yet to heard it, but my time is come. I'm about to cease Eeyanzai productions entirely from this channel for the success of future production that I'm working for it without any regrets. I know it is saddening to end my old style career, but everything has an end of road and my feelings are already drastically changing towards unlimited creativity in different world, where music means a lot to my life. Although I may still compose previous styles from time to time. That does not mean I genuinely generate it using my current alias for instance, but beyond that upcoming tracks will be exclusively released for compilation releases with different aliases.

From my beginning career, it was complicated to get into right hands on composing beats. I have learned alot in making own basic sounds due to lack of doing research of soundsets. I usually tried Fruity Loops, Ableton and Tracktion. Once I joined to EDM Discord servers, I learnt from old guys with over 10 years of experience in composing, designing and etc, they gave me enough strong or constructive feedbacks to my WIPs. I know that fact, I really have not improved my skills, it is because I was stuck in the past mind. So then I decide to lecture myself to in order to get rid of damn past moments I've been suffering. From moments I went from K-391 weak style to Dancecore later, but for now it's time to get up for brand new style.

What are my plans for my success in music composing?

I believe in making plenty remixes attracts more listeners not just based on their feelings, but also the past tastes they used to have. I also have a desire to meet new people either virtually or irl, that shares their interests in creativity. I want to make a story of something what comes to my mind, whenever it's fictional or fact. Traveling across the world is what I've also been thinking about it and beyond that touring as DJ in role is also what I got in my thought.


My new focus is on trend community electronic music in order to gather attentions to my recent works. I will actively compete more in contests of music. Before we go through I have to state that I take a break from making music due to upcoming 3 leave exams by 2nd February until April.

All of my previous original productions will be released soon and the alias will eventually reach the end of the timeline after its album release (Teenager).

I want to thank you guys enough for supporting my previous productions! These were warm moments to share my own dedicated works. I won't forget about those glancing timelines. Hope you guys could hear my new music elements from me, period.


- Eeyanzai - 2.2.2022

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